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Winter 2015 Update

Hey loyal power freaks! So much going on guys it's looking great. The ANCIENT EVIL album is done and the release date is being set to follow a massive new campaign of press and touring. We have a new label partner that is very much the partner we have waited all this time for so the metal Godz have blessed us! A formal announcement will soon follow as to who it is. For those of you who have pre ordered the cd the materials are almost all finished and the look great! We are sorry for the wait but you have already received a song and the audio book which we hope froze you in fear and filled you with dread.

Soon the website will be re-skinned to reveal the album cover art expertly done by Marc Sasso. Stay Tuned and Hailz!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The tour was more successful than we could have hoped as we got to meet old friends and fans and make shitloads of new ones too. It had been far too long since we had blasted the European Continent and our return was triumphant. There are too many people to thank here but our touring mates JAVELIN and SPLIT HEAVEN were both fantastic musicians and people to rock with on the road. We have a new booking agency and would like to thank Frank and Rob from EAM for jumping on board the CAGE bullet train. We must thank Volker Raabe for the incredible slot on the killer BAAAM fest. It was the first year of this fest and it is a perfect setting for a festival like that. I encourage everyone to go next year what a cool venue and a great gathering of metal freaks. Also thanks to Thomas and Jurgen from HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR. We had a great show and smashed that place on Thursday night which we were told was almost at capacity for the first time ever for the opening night. Must have been because we were there!! We have implemented a massive strategy and plan which will see the band in Europe on a crushing scale and frequency. Don't worry USA and South America we have plans for you too! Now back to mixing the record and making the pre order packages. Did you order yours yet because they are almost going to be closed out so get in while you can! HAILZ!!

Dave hard at work in the studio

Monday, August 11, 2014

The 7th studio album entitled ANCIENT EVIL is in the final stages of preparation!

Dave hard at work in the studio

Monday, May 31, 2014

Cage European Tour 2014

Headbangers Open Air

Cage embarks on another European trek to put on display their unique brand of American Power Metal. After emerging from the studio and crafting a massive slab of steel they will perform their classic hits as well as a few new tracks from the upcoming ANCIENT EVIL CD. Will you be there to witness the onslaught for yourself or only hear whispers of what took place amongst the murky shadows some days later? You will be there in the front row banging your head of course!!! See you there!!


Monday, May 29, 2014

Cage is proud to announce we are near completion of our seventh studio album entitled ANCIENT EVIL. This magnum opus depicts the events that take place in the mini horror novel written by our own Sean Peck. Heavily influenced by the writing style and set within the terrifying world imagined by H. P. Lovecraft, the release contains 19 tracks of music and character acting. The CAGE sound and song-smithing has been taken to new levels of aggression and melody as we plow through this terrible tale of fantasy and dread, much like KING DIAMOND did with ABIGAIL and THEM. But make no mistake this is 100% CAGE as massive amounts of speed and power are on full display aided by the addition of the new band members. This lineup is the most fearsome yet and you will notice it instantly from the first note! Special guest BLAZE BAYLEY does a fantastic job portraying the main character Elliot Worthington as the listener is transported back to 1869 London, England. The production of the album has been brilliantly mixed and mastered by STU MARSHALL at Frontier Studios in Sydney, Australia. This will likely be the best sounding CAGE record yet! Look for tour and pre order information here!


Click here to pre-order!

Monday, May 19, 2014